Where to take singing lessons?

Get the best singing lessons at a school that cares about you. Proven methods for adults and children, from beginner to advanced. Students in the School of Rock Adult Program (18+) learn scales, how to keep pace and how to stay in tune, as well as more advanced vocal techniques, such as voice sustainability. Vocalists hone their skills by learning to sing popular rock songs in private adult singing lessons, group rehearsals and full band sessions.

With the expert training of our professional vocal coaches and the support of their band, the singers lead to live performances on stage. Microphones, recording equipment and other singing equipment are used everywhere in music. Whether you need a condenser microphone for recording or a public address system for live performances, we have what you need. The School of Rock GearSelect program offers an incredible selection of singing and related equipment from some of the music industry's biggest brands, including Blue, MXL, Samson, Presonus and Tascam.

Get microphones, audio interfaces, mixers, public address systems, headphones and much more. These are the 35 most frequently asked questions that my students in New York City ask me about singing lessons (voice classes) and vocal training (voice training) with me. Certain vocal techniques and aspects can cause vocal abuse. Avoid making lip trills with the Singing Technique at the voice level.

Lip trills are vocally abusive due to the fact that you hit your vocal cords against each other while singing them. Whether you want to learn Broadway, Musical Theater, Pop, Rock, Jazz, Classical or Opera, we will send you a voice teacher to cover any genre. Do you need a vocal coach to prepare you for your next audition? We've got you covered. Our singing teachers have prepared students and trained singing techniques for American Idol, The Voice, and even trained recording artists who sell multi-platinum records.

If you have a trained musical ear and want to sing basic contemporary songs (Rock, Pop, R&B, etc.), it usually takes me about 3 months of consistent voice classes to sing in tune with a nice vocal tone. There are many things you can learn and apply to sing louder, such as respiratory support, placement, vocal resonances, vocal singing and more.

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