Where should tongue be when singing?

The correct position for the tongue is to lean on the floor of the mouth with the tip touching the lower front teeth. The mandible: with the lips slightly apart, it simulates a gentle and subtle chewing movement. The correct tongue position for singers is to make the flat tongue naturally rest against the inside of the lower teeth. A tongue that is TOO flat tends to recede too far and promote an incorrect swallowing tone, as noted in the previous section.

You can keep your tongue on your lower teeth. It should stay soft and fluffy. You can even try to get it out of your mouth while you practice to relax it. Language is an important part of the mechanics of singing, allowing singers to produce consistent and focused tones with their voices.

The tongue includes eight separate muscles, which make it possible to move and place the tongue inside the mouth. The tongue is strong and agile, able to move quickly to produce sounds in conjunction with the lips and teeth. For optimal sound, singers should keep in mind that the tongue does not fill the mouth. Tension in the tongue can also interfere with tone and make it difficult to position correctly.

In speech, we often use the front of our face to create our vocal sounds using the articulators, including the teeth, the tip of the tongue and the lips. The position of the tongue when singing is actually the way in which the sound of each vowel is formed. By physically moving and shaping the tongue in a particular way while allowing an appropriate resonant space in the vocal tract, equalize your frequencies in the “illusion” of each of the singing vowel sounds. Vowels are just one of many differences between speech and singing, along with diaphragmatic breathing, the use of the entire frequency range, consonant articulation, location, tonality and others.

Learning to form the correct position of the language will absolutely change your voice forever and will allow you to sing ANY song you have dreamed of, in ANY style you can imagine. The position of the tongue is the key to efficient resonance and effortless singing. Do you pronounce vowels or shape them correctly with your tongue? Let's find out. After exploring that sensation, he sings the patron again, but sings an “ah” with his tongue resting on his mouth.

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